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One belt, one road, and another, China's textile industry will strengthen the

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China's China one belt, one road, "one belt, one road" conference, held by the vice president of China Textile Industry Federation, said that China's textile industry has accelerated the layout of the global industrial chain, especially in the 2021 countries and regions along the "one belt and one road" area. Xu Yingxin, In recent years, one belt, one road, the other countries and regions of the textile and garment industry has been mostly invested in outward FDI. China Textile Industry Federation is also accelerating the "going out" of the textile industry, improving competitiveness and seizing new opportunities in the layout of the global industrial chain.

This is China's one belt, one road conference in 2021. Picture by China Textile Industry Federation.
Deepening international cooperation in the textile field is an inevitable requirement for the high-quality development of the textile industry. To form a supply chain with stronger innovation, higher added value and more flexibility, it is necessary to build a more perfect and diversified industrial system. In recent years, China Textile Industry Federation has effectively improved the awareness of textile and garment enterprises on the investment environment by building a multilateral international exchange platform. One belt, one road, is the key area for China's textile international capacity cooperation.
Gao Yong, Party Secretary of China Textile Industry Federation, said at the meeting that the epidemic has accelerated the adjustment of the international textile industry pattern. Under the complex and changeable situation, we should firmly promote international cooperation in the textile industry, ensure the safety of the industrial chain supply chain and scientifically guide the industrial layout in terms of foreign investment.
China Textile Industry Federation one belt, one road, will accelerate the development of textile industry and the cooperation of the two countries and regions.
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